Get around Merri-bek on foot

When you walk to the shops, let local business know

Walking instead of driving to local shops is a great and simple way to reduce your transport related greenhouse gas emissions.  Keep a shopping trolley and umbrella by the door so you are always ready for a quick trip to the local shops for your groceries and other essentials.

If you walked to the shops, tell local businesses.  Cars are big, visible and take up a lot of space in a shopping strip.  Traders tend to overestimate how many people drive and under-estimate how many people walk to the shops.  By reminding shop keepers how much of their business come from walkers you can help turn local businesses into advocates for better walking facilities in local shopping strips.

What are some suggested walking paths in Moreland?

Merri-bek is home to some fantastic walking paths. Explore the Merri Creek trail, Moonee Ponds Creek trail and the Capital City trail on foot or bike. Find out more here.

For more walking tracks in and around Merri-bek, check out Victoria Walks.

Are there walking groups in Moreland?

Walking groups are casual social groups organised by local residents. They can cater to all abilities and interests including parents with prams, slow paced walking and senior citizens.

The Heart Foundation lists walking groups by suburb. You can find your closest group here or start and register your own group.

How can I get involved in promoting pedestrian-friendly travel ?

You can keep up to date with upcoming improvements to our local streets and footpaths and provide feedback to council on specific upgrades via Conversations Moreland.