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Get solar for your home

Join the 9121 Merri-bek residents who have joined the shift to a clean energy future.

Why go solar?

Install a solar system at your home and reduce your energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

Generate your own energy for your home with solar panels on your roof.

You are still connected to the mains power grid so when the sun is not shining you still have electricity. On sunny days your excess solar goes back into the electricity grid. This means more renewable energy for everyone.

For more information on why go solar go to the Solar Panel Buyers Guide on the Solar Victoria website.

Who can I get solar from?

Merri-bek has partnered with Solar Savers to help you install quality rooftop solar.

Solar Savers is a local government initiative created by councils in Melbourne’s north and east. Solar Savers can help you apply for rebates, interest-free loans and work with a trusted installer.

Merri-bek is participating in Solar Savers to make installing solar easy and affordable.

What financial support is available?

The Victorian Government offers a $1400 Solar PV rebate to help reduce the cost of a new solar system.

A limited number of $3000 subsidies from Merri-bek are also available to low-income households.

Hear from Mercedes who had solar installed.

With the Solar PV rebate, a system in Victoria could pay back within three and five years.

To see how much you can save on energy bills go to the Solar Calculator on the Victorian Energy Compare website.

By using appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers during the middle of the day, you can make much better use of your solar energy and save on bills.

“My latest bill is a 60% reduction in electricity costs!” says Anna,
an Oak Park resident who installed solar in 2021.

Watch the video of Let’s Talk Solar event at Coburg Library

Council Partner: Solar Savers

What is the offer: Solar and Battery Storage

Who is eligible: Homeowners without a solar system

Subsidies available: Victorian Government solar rebate and loan.

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