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Join a share car program

What is a share car?

Car share programs offer short term access rental to a motor vehicle via an app, web or telephone booking. Cars can be booked by the hour with fuel and insurance costs covered as part of the booking.  Car share operators offer a range of vehicles including cars, utes and vans. You can even book pet friendly cars and cars with child safety seats.

Each car share program is slightly different:

  • Some car share programs offer a variety of fuel efficient, safe vehicles maintained by the car share operator.
  • Other car share programs provide a booking system that links residents who own cars and rarely use them with residents who want to use a car but don’t own one. The latter provide an incentive for car owners to use their car less, and mobility options for non-car owners.

Why should I use a share car?

Car share programs reduce the total amount of vehicles on the road by allowing multiple people to use the same vehicle. Vehicles are often modern and fuel-efficient reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the community. By using a shared car, congestion on our roads is reduced and motorists only pay for the time they use the vehicle making this an affordable option for many residents.

Owning a car has many sunk costs, such as depreciation and licencing.  These costs can make the decision to drive the default choice to get around.  Car sharing makes these hidden costs more visible and payable each time you choose to drive.

Where can I locate a share car?

Find a car near you by checking out the car share providers operating in Moreland: