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Start a Ride or Walk to School or Work event

What programs or events support people to ride or walk to school and work?

We are currently delivering the Ride & Stride program, a behaviour change program working with local primary schools to increase riding, striding and scooting to school. We are always on the look out for new schools to participate, so chat with your local school about applying to join the program in our next intake.

Ride2Work and Ride2School are programs run by the Bicycle Network to encourage everyday people to jump on the bike and get active on their commute. Annual Walk to Work and Walk to School Days are organised by the Pedestrian Council of Australia to encourage residents to leave the car behind and reach their office or school by foot.

Why should I ride or walk to work?

Businesses that support and encourage active travel to work experience the benefits of increased productivity and reduced absenteeism, reduce car fleet costs and traffic congestion around the workplace. If most people drive it creates parking issues, traffic problems on nearby road and makes the roads less safe.  A small group creating a culture that supports people who leave the car at home can make a big difference influencing how people choose to get to work or study.

When are the next Ride2School and Walk to School Days?

Ride2School Day is held in March each year. The next Ride2School Day will be held on Friday 24th March 2023.

Walk Safely to School Day is held in May each year. The next Walk Safely to School Day will be held on Friday 19th May 2023.

Walk to School Month is held all month in October each year.

You can visit these websites for a range of resources to help you plan your walking or riding to school event.

If you attend a local Merri-bek school or have a child that attends school, you can ask the school to participate in any of these events, or a range of other Ride2School programs run by Bicycle Network.

You can also encourage them to apply to become a Ride & Stride school, where council will work closely with your local school to deliver a range of active travel programs to support more walking and riding to school.

When are the next Ride2Work and Walk to Work Days?

Ride2Work Day is held in October each year. The next Ride2Work Day will be held on Wednesday 19th October 2022. For tips on how to get people at your work riding visit the link and register online to receive a free support pack.

Walk to Work Day will be held on Friday 2nd September 2022.

How do I find out more about upcoming events?

Sign up to our eco e-news to keep up to date with the latest events in Merri-bek and visit our news page.