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Become a Plastic Wise Sports Club

Pledge to eliminate single-use plastics at your sports club with resources and support from Council.

What is a Plastic Wise Sports Club?

A Plastic Wise Sports Club is a sports club that has undertaken a commitment to reduce or eliminate single use plastics in the operation of their group. The club pledges to become ‘Proudly Plastic Wise’.

What are some examples of single use plastics?

Common single use plastics that sports clubs may use include:

  • Plastic straws
  • Single use drink bottles (especially single use water bottles)
  • Plastic plates and cutlery
  • Plastic takeaway containers
  • Plastic bags
  • Single serve condiments like sauces
  • Balloons

Why should my sports club become ‘Proudly Plastic Wise’?

Single-use plastic is used on average for less than 12 minutes and then discarded. Merri-bek City Council has committed to reducing the long-term environmental impacts of single-use plastics across Council events, events on Council land, and within our facilities and services. Council’s 2019 Plastic Wise Policy will help address this impact.

How can my sports club take part?

Merri-bek sports clubs can receive support from Council to transition to become ‘Proudly Plastic Wise’. Clubs can access an info sheet with simple swaps from single use plastics to more sustainable options. Clubs can also contact council directly for further information and advice.