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Compost Community

If you are looking to start your own worm farm or compost system at home, you can access advice and discounted equipment as a Merri-bek resident.

What is Compost Community and what does it offer?

Compost Community is an organisation that provides composting advice and supplies Merri-bek residents with discounted compost bins, equipment and worm farms thanks to a partnership with Merri-bek City Council.

The program offers a wide range of compost bins and worm farms at wholesale prices. You can also buy individual components such as worms or compost matting.

How do I access these discounted composting products?

Simply to go the Compost Community website and ‘join’ to create a user account. Then go to the ‘Order’ tab and click on ‘Merri-bek’ to see the wide range of products on offer. To access the discount you will be need to enter the discount code provided and complete a short survey and commit to a follow up survey in six months.

By joining Compost Community you also get advice on which product will best suit your needs as well as ongoing support to get the best results from your compost bin or worm farm.

How do I set up my compost bin or worm farm?

For information on how to establish a compost bin or worm farm, please visit the Merri-bek City Council webpage here.

Get started

For more information on the program, you can visit the Compost Community website or contact Council.