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Run a litter collection event

Organise a community litter collection with Council support.

Please note that due to COVID-19, some activities may be paused or modified from the descriptions below.

What is a community litter collection event?

Residents of Merri-bek can run litter collection events where volunteers pick up rubbish in public places. These events can be supported by council who can pick up the collected litter given advance notice.

How do I run an event?

Organisers can register their event with Friends of Merri Creek which provides insurance and access to a litter clean up kit. The group also provides resources on how to conduct clean up events safely.

The Merri Creek Management Committee have created guidance for how to conduct litter clean-ups safely during COVID-19 restrictions. Please see their Facebook page for more information.

Community members are also encouraged to participate in annual Clean Up Australia Day events. Clean Up Australia can provide resources for litter collection including bags and gloves.

To register for a council pick up of collected rubbish, please inform council using this form.

Are there any existing litter collection groups I can join?

There are several groups within Merri-bek who run or promote community litter collection events including Friends of Merri Creek, the Merri Creek Management Committee, The Plastic Runner and community groups during Clean Up Australia Day.