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Advocating for a cheap and fair transition to zero emissions

By March 3, 2023March 22nd, 2023No Comments
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Merri-bek City Council has been advocating to ensure that the transition to zero emissions is cheaper and fairer for everyone. Recently, Council has provided submissions and letters of support to two federal government consultations.

National Energy Performance Strategy
The Federal Government is developing a National Energy Performance Strategy to support efficient energy use.

Energy efficient homes and businesses are healthier, more comfortable to live in and have lower energy bills. Improving energy performance is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce emissions.

Merri-bek provided a submission to the Strategy’s consultation.

Key recommendations include:

  • Include Local Governments in the Governance arrangements for a National Energy Performance Strategy.
  • Clearly outline how the strategy is responding to Australia’s obligations to limit global warming to 1.5°C.
  • Develop information resources and fund education programs that include trusted communicators to reach diverse communities.
  • Assist low-income households who are at greater risk with increasing energy prices, poor performing homes, and health vulnerability.
  • Mandate minimum energy efficiency performance standards for rental properties by 2025.

Read Merri-bek’s submission.

National Energy Objectives

The National Energy Objective (NEO) sets out some guiding principle on how Australia’s national electricity market operates. It currently focuses on price, safety, reliability, and safety.

The federal and state energy ministers are looking at including a carbon emissions reduction goal into NEO. The inclusion will make it easier to create policies that accelerate emissions reductions at the lower costs.

Merri-bek joined a broad coalition of community, business, environment, and research sector organisations calling on energy Ministers to also incorporate social equity and demand side objectives into the NEO.

Social equity and demand side objectives must also be included in the current proposed amendments to:

  • Reduce energy poverty and inequality
  • Reduce energy bills and improve energy affordability by improving energy performance
  • Be more efficient, effective and in the interest of consumers to make a suite of changes now

Read the joint letter.