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Apply for a Community Climate Change Energy Action grant

By July 26, 2021No Comments

Community organisations like sporting clubs, kindergartens and men’s sheds can apply for grants of up to $50,000 to install renewable energy, improve energy efficiency and undertake energy audits as part of Sustainability Victoria’s Community Climate Change Energy Action program.

There is an information session this week: The Community Climate Change and Energy Action program Round 1 grant applications are now open.  This program is targeted towards community organisations who want to reduce their energy bill and/or save on greenhouse gas emissions.

These upgrades aim to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions through a range of supported measures including energy-efficient and renewable energy technology.

Two streams on funding

There are two streams of funding available:

  • Stream 1 Audit grants: will support audits on existing facilities to identify comprehensive energy improvement upgrades.
  • Stream 2 Implementation grants: will support the implementation of projects. Two grant Tiers are offered in Stream 2 based on the anticipated level of reduction in energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions:
    • Tier 1: Project grants will award grants for the implementation of energy improvements.
    • Tier 2: Innovation and Best Practice grants will be available for projects targeting net zero carbon emissions.

How to apply?

Applications close 20th August.

For Guidelines and more information on making an application go to: