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Apply for 1 of the 2 Merri-bek community environment scholarships for 2024

By October 17, 2023No Comments
Group of women in three rows in a natural setting.

Applications are open for two scholarships to develop environmental leadership from within our community.

The scholarships are part of Council and community working together for a Zero Carbon Merri-bek.

We particularly encourage applications from people who identify as from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander communities, migrant and refugee communities and people with disability.

Merri-bek Women Environment Leadership Community Scholarship

Meri-bek is once again supporting a scholarship for the Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia (WELA) National Leadership Program.

Applications are now open and close Monday 20 November 2023.

Merri-bek City stablished this scholarship to support women from its community in Melbourne’s inner north to participate in the WELA National Leadership Program.  The scholarship covers the full program cost for one person.

WELA’s program addresses how women’s leadership can transform our response to our environmental and climate crises. It’s empowering women and gender diverse people to identify their own approach to leadership, and to recognise and step into their power to influence.

WELA’s National Leadership Program has successfully supported the leadership, career development and influence of over 150 women and gender diverse changemakers since 2016.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, women of colour, gender diverse people and trans women, culturally and linguistically diverse and working class women and others facing barriers and marginalisation are particularly encouraged to apply.

Find out more on the WELA website and applying, or sharing with your networks.

In your application, you can note that you are applying for our scholarship.

Merri-bek Nature-Based Leadership Training Community Scholarship

We’re all hardwired for nature connection. You can see it every day in kids running around, building cubbies, playing with sticks and climbing trees. As adults we can forget that connection, but the times are calling for us to remember it. If you want to reignite that feeling in yourself or in your community, then Nature-based Leadership Training is for you.

Scholarship Applications are now open and close 1st December 2023.

Building from many years’ experience delivering community learning that is grounded in the natural world, CERES and Nature’s Apprentice have come together to offer a 10-month program that will help create the kind of earth-based leadership and resilience we and our communities will need in the coming decades.

Through learning rewilding practices, community building, survival skills, storytelling, and how to truly live our purpose, we can re-imagine our relationship with the Earth and each other.

Beginning and ending with nature-immersion retreats, then a program of in-person learning across the 10 months, this course is for people from all backgrounds and experiences who wish to live from their purpose, and be of service to their community and the Earth at this time of great change. Entry-level people are welcome.

“The strengthening of my resolve to do the work I am doing, and awareness of the skills I can offer, beside an embodied commitment to being part of the change that is needed right now, are all a result of the time I spent with you and the group last year. ” – 2022 Merri-Bek Scholarship participant.

Find out more on the CERES website.

Click here for scholarship application form.

Merri-bek Council is offering a full scholarship in the Nature-Based Leadership Program 2024, to support people living and working in Merri-bek to participate in this life-changing course.