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Australian Councils call for stronger energy performance standards for new homes to cut cost of living and improve health and well-being

By August 17, 2022August 22nd, 2022No Comments
Townhouse on street

Image: Davison Collaborative.Photography by HIP V. HYPE.

Merri-bek has joined other local governments calling on Building Ministers around the country to approve the first increase in energy efficiency standards for new homes in over 12 years, when they come together for the Building Ministers Forum on August 26th.

The updated energy provisions proposed for the 2022 edition of the National Construction Code includes raising the minimum thermal performance standard from 6 to 7 stars and the introduction of a ‘whole-of-home’ energy budget for fixed appliances (heating and cooling, hot water, lighting, and pool and spa pumps).

Better performing homes mean lower energy bills, healthy, resilient and safe homes for Australians and an easy and low-cost way to meet Australia’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by

The increase to 7-Stars is achievable, cost-effective and financially beneficial to residents.

Protect our communities

As the level of government closest to communities, Councils play an important role in creating safe and vibrant communities.

Communities across Australia want energy efficient homes that keep warm in winter and cool in summer. By making our homes more comfortable and less reliant on electricity reduces the strain on the electricity grid during times of high demand benefiting the whole community.

Working with industry for better homes

Councils are already working with industry to achieve higher performance outcomes than the mandatory construction code minimum standards. We have been successfully working with industry to support the market transition.

Councils are ready and look forward to working with government and industry to improve our future homes for the benefit of all Australians.