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City Nature Challenge – over 2000 species

By May 27, 2022May 31st, 2022No Comments
Blue wren

In the first weekend of May, citizen scientists from across Melbourne joined forces to compete in the global #CityNatureChallenge.

Over 2000 different species were observed in our city over the four-day event!

This is an incredible result, and we extend a huge thanks and congratulations to the 600-plus residents who took part. Their efforts contributed to a fantastic global result – 1.7 million plants, animals and fungi were observed in urban centres worldwide.

Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no nature in cities!

Don’t worry if you missed out on this year’s Challenge – you can download the @iNaturalist app and begin your citizen science journey anytime.

Citizen Science (

Here are some of the beautiful plants, animals and fungi recorded in Moreland.

Wildlife found in Moreland