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Energy Switch for Renters

You don’t need solar on your roof to be part of Australia’s clean energy transition.

You can be more comfortable, use less power and contribute to a bright future in other ways.

Switch to GreenPower

Switch your energy account to GreenPower to power your home by renewable energy.

Contact your energy provider or read Greenpeace’s new Green Electricity Guide to see which Australian energy providers are investing in clean energy (and who is holding us back!).

You can compare GreenPower providers and make sure you’re getting the best deal at the Victorian Government Energy Compare website. Make sure you apply for your $250 Power Saving bonus payment while you’re there.

Choose energy efficient appliances

Need a new fridge or washing machine?

Choose the most energy efficient appliances you can afford when it’s time to upgrade. The more stars the better.

Better heating, with cooling!

Replace heating with energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners for lower bills and cooling throughout summer.

Let your rental provider know about the Victorian Government’s Heating and Cooling Upgrades program.

All Victoria rental properties must comply to new energy efficiency standards, including heating. See Tenants Victoria for how this applies to you.

If you can’t get your heating upgraded, heat single rooms at a time and seal gaps as much as you can.

Improve your home’s comfort

Leaky houses are cold in winter and hot in summer.

Sealing window and door gaps and external window shading can make a huge difference and be cost-effective. Insulation is another essential. ReNew’s Renters Guide has tips and sample letters to send to your rental provider.

Install solar

The Victorian Government’s Solar Rebates for Rental Properties program offers eligible rental providers rebates (up to $1,400) and interest-free loans for installing solar panels. This program also includes the option of a co-contribution from renters.