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How to choose clean energy for your home

By February 16, 2022No Comments
Crowlands wind farm

Nearly 30% of Australian energy is already renewable, and soon it will be 50%.

We can do our bit to drive the change by switching to electricity retailers that invest in Australian clean energy.

The Green Electricity Guide

Luckily Greenpeace has just made that process much simpler.

Its latest Green Electricity Guide highlights the electricity retailers actively transforming our energy system. In the easy-to-follow guide you can compare companies supporting the growth of renewables into our electricity system with those actively working against it.

The guide assesses 48 Australian energy retailers on their sustainability credentials and gives them a score out of five stars. Energy retailers are ranked on six criteria: providing renewable energy, ending coal use by 2030, halting fossil fuel expansion, supporting new renewable energy, transparency of marketing, and pollution and environmental harm.

The best performers

In Victoria, the greenest energy retailer with five stars is Diamond Energy, a company delivering 100% renewable energy, independently of any fossil fuel influence. Momentum Energy and Energy Locals are in second and third spots with 4.5 stars.

Energy polluters

The big energy giants – Origin, AGL and Energy Australia – are at the bottom of the list with one-star ratings. AGL was ranked last as Australia’s biggest climate polluter, accounting for about 8% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by producing 83% of its electricity by burning coal.

Making the switch

To make the switch to a green energy provider, visit their website where you can compare rates with your current supplier and access support to make the switch.