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Merri-bek City Council staff switch up their commute with e-bikes

By June 7, 2023June 15th, 2023No Comments
Merri-bek City Council staff smailing with their RideKola trial e-bikes

In May 2023, 18 Merri-bek City Council staff trialled e-bikes for a cheaper, healthier, and more sustainable way to get to work.

3 out of 4 trial participants usually drive to work but were curious about e-bikes. Thanks to RideKola, staff got to try re-furbished Dutch e-bikes for free for a month.

Before the trial, participants were hoping to get more enjoyment from their commute. Whether it was by not being stuck in traffic, getting exercise, or just feeling the wind in their hair. For many, hills and distance from home were barriers to riding to work.

The results and feedback have been amazing. Following the trial, 87.5% of staff intend to buy their own e-bike or keep riding, walking or using public transport for short trips.

The bikes were amazing and made riding so easy. You can wear normal work clothes, the bikes were fully equipped with great locks, lights and a basket. The powerful battery made the hills a breeze, so there was no need to shower when you arrived at work

Lisa, Business team
RikeKola graph of e-bike trial

Staff used the bikes for commuting, errands, and leisure. This helped them clock more than 2,200 kilometres, with most staff members using the bikes 3 or more times a week.

Many of these rides replaced a typical car journey. We estimate the trial saved more than 542 kilograms of carbon. It shows how even a small change in how we travel can have a positive impact our environment.

It was life changing! I feel more able, confident, and safe to ride for short and long trips. The e-bike makes the experience of riding less daunting. Especially up the hills and in cold weather

Margaret, Arts team

More than 40 staff members across Council expressed interest in the trial. It was exciting to see interest from many different departments across Council – like school crossing supervisors, libraries, and aged and community support services.

These e-bike trials were offered as part of our Zero Carbon plan to get more Council staff using sustainable transport. We are thrilled with the feedback from this trial and look forward to offering more e-bike trials later this year.