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Apartment Guide to Electrification

By February 17, 2023April 21st, 2023No Comments
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Want to make your townhouse or apartment efficient, safe and healthy?Infographic of a sustainable mid-rise apartment
A new series of guides shares what sustainable measures you can take and what apartment owners and owners corporations can do to improve homes.
Photo credit: Nightingale 2.0, enabled by HIP V. HYPE, Architecture by Six Degrees Architects. Photography by Tess Kelly.

Apartment Guide to Electrification

Be part of a clean energy future by moving your apartment building to all-electric.
The Apartments Guide to Electrification provides a step-by-step process to transition to all-electric for both common areas and your home, be it an apartment or townhouse.
We are living in the clean energy revolution. Our homes will be all-electric, powered by renewable energy. Our homes will have cleaner indoor air that’s good for our health.
Choosing the best electric products – be it a new heater, cooktop, hot water system – can be confusing but this guide makes it simple by providing product recommendations. The benefits and considerations for each product have a rating of Best, Good and OK.
Where possible, upgrade to products in the ‘Best’ category as they will be more efficient to run, saving you energy and money across their lifespan.
If your budget is limited, don’t worry. You’ll still gain energy savings, financial and health benefits by upgrading to a product in ‘Good” or “OK” category.
Together, we can electrify everything

Unlocking Sustainable Strata

The guides were developed by Merri-bek City Council, Yarra City Council and environmentally sustainable design experts at Hip v Hype.
The guides are part of a project that brings together collaborators to learn, trial and design effective solutions that make it easier for people who live in apartments and townhouses to retrofit sustainability technologies. We are working for systemic change and on-ground action.