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New household energy efficiency budget announcements

By November 18, 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments
Aerial view of Moreland looking south towards CBD

On 17 November 2020, the Victorian Government unveiled a $797 million the energy efficiency package, which aims to create jobs, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The program will assist households by making some homes more energy efficient (cooler in summer, warmer in winter) and reduce the costs of power bills.

People facing more immediate hardship, will receive a one-off $250 payment for eligible concession card holders. This includes anyone receiving JobSeeker, youth allowance or pension payments.

The package proposes funding to:

  • replace old wood, electric and gas fired heaters with new energy-efficient systems in 250,000 homes
  • upgrade the comfort and efficiency of 35,000 social housing properties
  • upgrade appliances under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program
  • new minimum energy efficiency standards for rentals homes will be in place from 2022 to ensure that they are fit for habitation
  • support skills and training for move to 7-star efficiency standards for new homes
  • 42,000 more rebates in the Solar Homes program
  • 17,500 rebates for batteries

Save money, improve home comfort and reduce carbon emissions

For Merri-bek residents, it means many houses may save between $300 to $900 each year on their energy bills.

The introduction of minimum efficiency standards for rental properties is significant for Merri-bek, where over 35 per cent of properties are rentals. Rental properties are some of the most energy inefficient buildings in Victoria.

These measures will put Victoria on track for a minimum 7-star efficiency standards for all new homes.

Measures are available now to help reduce bill shock and upgrade energy

Merri-bek City Council has a range of programs to help residents reduce their emissions while saving money and improving home comfort.

Eligible households can access rebates for energy upgrades and businesses can access financing options for environmental projects. All residents can access a free advice service that provides tailored information on how to reduce energy use and what areas of your home to target to see the best result.

View the programs on offer here.