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Our Term 2 Ride & Stride wrap up!

By June 19, 2023No Comments
Term 2 has been busy for our 6 Ride & Stride schools. The crisp winter days and some wetter weather haven’t slowed any of our students down!

E-cargo bike trials

We kicked off the term with our e-cargo bike test rides at school assemblies. The free loan gives parents an opportunity to try out an e-cargo bike for 1 month. We’ve had 92 families already sign up for the trials, with many out and about on their bikes and lots more signed up for Term 3!

E-cargo bike subsidies for alumni Ride & Stride schools

We continued our ongoing support for former Ride & Stride schools by offering another round of e-cargo subsidies. This gave families 50% off for 2 months. Across our 5 alumni schools we saw 23 new families take up the offer.

National Walk to School Day

On 19 May, we held a fantastic National Walk to School Day celebration at Glenroy West Primary. Our Mayor joined students and families to celebrate walking to school in Glenroy. Local families provided tasty croissants and fruit for everyone to enjoy.


We launched the TagOn program at Oak Park Primary and St Margaret Mary’s Primary. TagOn encourages students to register how they got to school each morning and notifies parents when they arrive. We’ve had 2,935 individual tag on’s over the last month. In Term 3 we’ll be launching the program at Brunswick South West Primary and Glenroy West primary.

Open Street trials

We finished off the term with a bang at Brunswick South West primary! They held Bicycle Network’s Open Streets trials in May and June. South Daley Street was open to kids to walk and ride to school every Thursday for 3 weeks. During the trial, 71% of students on average walked or rode to school – a 14% increase compared to a normal school day. Not even the rain could dampen these students’ spirits! Many put on their raincoats and gumboots to stay dry while keeping active.

Click on the image below to see a timelapse of the event!

Terms 3 and 4

We have much more planned at our Ride & Stride schools for 2023. Including more Open Streets trials, a mother’s bike skills program, community e-cargo bike group rides, road safety incursions, a free kid’s bike donation program in Fawkner, and more!