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Ride & Stride Free E-Cargo Bike Trial for Families!

By January 24, 2022No Comments
Ride&Stride e-bike trial

During our Ride & Stride pilot with Brunswick East Primary School, many families told us they were interested in travelling actively, but lived too far away or had too little time in the morning to walk or ride to school.

So, we provided 16 families the opportunity to trial an electric cargo bike from Lug&Carrie, local e-bike providers, for free for 2 weeks!

If they loved the bike, they could then continue with Lug&Carrie on an affordable weekly subscription.

School drop offs, grocery trips and fun rides

During the trial, 66% of participants said they used the bike more than once a day – not only for the school run but also to ride to work, grocery trips and leisure rides.

Over 50% of participants have chosen to continue to rent their e-bike with Lug & Carrie after the trial.

While 92% of participants would highly recommend it to other parents.

“I haven’t been on a bike in years, and it has been great to go around with my son.”

“The kids were actually excited to go to school/daycare!”

More families riding to school after trial

Of the families that signed up to the trial 75% previously drove to school. Now 83% of these families plan to ride to school as a result of experiencing the school run on an e-bike. While 91% said they are likely to replace other regular car trips with a bike going forward.

We are looking forward to offering more e-bike trials for families as part of our Ride & Stride program this year.