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Ride & Stride pilot kicks of with Coburg North and Brunswick East primary schools

By May 17, 2021May 19th, 2021No Comments

Coburg North Primary School and Brunswick East Primary School have been selected to trial our new Ride & Stride pilot, an innovative behaviour change program designed to get more kids riding, striding and scooting to school. We will work closely with each school to understand specific barriers to active travel in the local area and design a tailored suite of initiatives to activate more walking and cycling trips to and from the school gates.

We know that behaviour change and infrastructure initiatives that enable and empower schools to experience healthier modes of travel can radically increase sustainable mode share in Moreland. During our recent ‘Open Streets’ at Brunswick East Primary School, 95% of students used active travel to school, and after the trial over 80% of parents wanted ‘walking & cycling only’ zones outside school on a daily or weekly basis.

The Ride & Stride pilot seeks to not only shift travel behaviours, but also attitudes, habits and social norms around how students and parents choose to travel to school, work and get around Moreland. Following monitoring and evaluation of the pilot, we hope to roll out the Ride & Stride program to more schools at the end of the year.