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Save on electricity bills with solar

By February 21, 2022February 22nd, 2022No Comments
Anna Sura from Oak Park

“My latest bill is a 60% reduction in electricity costs!” says Anna.

Last year Anna installed solar panels on her Oak Park home.

“Now I’m retired, I’m home using energy during the daytime so I thought getting solar would be a good idea,” she says. “It’s also something I can do to combat global warming: I can control the energy usage in my own house.”

Anna went through Merri-bek City Council’s Solar Savers program, receiving Victorian Government rebates up to $1400 and an additional $3000 from Merri-bek towards the upfront cost – that’s up to $4400 towards a solar system!

Low stress process

The Solar Savers program helped Anna apply for available rebates and evaluate and choose a trusted installer to ensure she received a high-quality system that will perform for years to come. “I thought applying for the state government rebate would be too overwhelming, but I didn’t have to worry about it at all.”

Healthy during heatwaves

Anna’s new solar system was installed in time for Melbourne’s hot January, with the month reaching the highest mean minimum temperature (18.3°C) on record, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Victoria.

With climate change increasing the frequency and intensity of heat extremes, Anna’s new solar installation will continue to help keep her healthy and comfortable during heatwaves.

“I’ve got ceiling fans and air con which usually I would wait until I’m boiling to use, but now I can use these during the day in the summer without worrying,” she explains.

Get solar for your home

The Solar Savers program is available to all Merri-bek residents. We provide up to $3000 extra financial assistance to homeowners with pension and health care card holders like Anna.

Ring Katherine, Moreland’s Energy Officer, on 03 9304 9717 to find out more about Solar Savers.