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Take part in Climate Justice In Colour program

By January 27, 2023February 22nd, 2023No Comments
Group photo of people of colour

Are you a person of colour who is passionate about climate justice?

The climate crisis is affecting us all and communities of colour are feeling the devastating impacts.

Democracy in Colour, a national racial and economic justice organisation led by people of colour, in partnership with Yarra City Council and Merri-bek City Council, are launching a climate justice program so that we can take action on climate change together.

People of colour face the effects of climate change in this country – especially with days of extreme heat and poor air quality from bushfire smoke.

Our friends and families around the world are also feeling the effects. We can work together in global solidarity to make sure we act on climate change.

It’s urgent – we need to act now.

How to get involved

Sign up to join for the first listening session on 18 March.

Come along to learn more.

What is involved?

We will be kicking off with a listening session on 18 March 2023.

This face to face sessions will focus on discussions around climate change and its effects on people of colour. We will share our lived experiences and that of people we know, you will meet new people, share your experiences in small groups and find the common challenges that arise from all our stories.

After the first step of listening there will be two sessions unpacking how to talk about climate justice and action in our communities and learn l some key skills to train others.

We will provide the resources and support to help you.

Together, we can find solutions to climate change, protect our communities and create a fairer and more equal world.