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Tips to reduce your fashion waste

By July 28, 2023August 9th, 2023No Comments
Person putting their unused clothing in a box to donate

We love fashion for the beauty, style, and creativity. But hidden behind the glitz and glamour is a growing environmental issue – fashion waste.

Producing new clothes uses large amounts of water, energy, and raw materials. This puts a strain on the environment and uses up precious resources. People in Australia throw out as much as 6000 kilograms of clothing every 10 mintues. Lots of these items end up in landfill which contributes to the release of harmful greenhouse gases like methane.

Here are our tips to help you make more sustainable fashion choices:

Clothes swap

Attend or host a clothes swap in your community or with your friends. Find out how.

Get creative

Learn to mend, repair, or upcycle damaged items into unique pieces that match your style. Check out your local clothes mending groups, like Make and Mend or Karhina.

Quality not quantity

Invest in good quality, timeless pieces instead of fast fashion trends. Durable clothes mean fewer replacements.

Buy second-hand

Give pre-loved items a new life and reduce demand for new products. Op-shopping is also fun!

Choose sustainable brands

Many brands now use eco-friendly materials and ethical practice. Find an ethical brand you love on Good on You, Ethical Fashion Fast Finder or Ethical Clothing Australia.

Look after your clothes

Wash and care for clothes by following the instructions on the tag to extend their lifespan.


If you have clothes that you no longer wear, drop them off at the op-shop or to a charity.


Keep up to date on the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Share what you learn with your friends to inspire change.