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Go all-electric

Use the appliance savings calculator

By November 28, 2022No Comments
Women cooking on induction cooktop

As a fossil fuel, gas causes climate change. And it’s also bad for our health with the National Asthma Council reporting that “scientists have found that around 12 per cent of childhood asthma in Australia can be attributed to the use of gas stoves for cooking.”

The sooner we transition to clean energy that won’t run out – like renewable solar – the better. The good news is that switching is also cost effective.

Switch & Save

The Climate Council recently published Switch & Save, a report comparing the costs of using gas in the home compared with electricity.

The report found that Australian households are trapped in a cycle of escalating gas bills fueling a cost-of-living crisis, and that it would be cheaper for households in all Australian capital cities to be fully electric.

Yearly bill savings range from $500 to $1,900.

The going-off gas calculator

As part of the report they also created a home appliance savings calculator to help you work out how much money and greenhouse gases you can save in your home by switching to electricity.

A healthier option

Switching your appliances to electricity also eliminates health risks from gas emissions within the home.

Switching to electricity doesn’t need to happen overnight; whether it takes five months or five years to achieve your modern renewable electric home, joining your community in the transition to clean energy future is what matters!

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