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Zero Waste and Plastic Free Community Workshop

By September 2, 2022No Comments


Zero Waste and Plastic Free Community Workshop

When (online session)

Tuesday 25 October, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

More info/register:

Get ready for a Spring switch-out, and say goodbye to plastic and waste in your home.

About the event

We are hosting Zero Waste and Plastic Free Living this FREE online event, for Morelanders who wish to know more about reducing waste and cutting out single- use plastic.

Waste is something that everyone can reduce, and there are some simple changes you can make to create a difference. Whether you’re beginning your journey to reducing waste, or if you’re wanting more information on what else you can do to live more sustainably, we’ll share tips and some simple switch-outs you can make, to take low waste living to the next level.

What we’ll cover:

• Why we should rethink waste
• Simple switch-outs for single-use plastic
• What the plastic recycling codes mean
• Avoiding plastic at work, school and when out
• The next level of avoiding plastics and waste.

About the presenter

Kirsty Bishop-Fox of Sustainability Pathways is a sustainability consultant, educator and strategist who works with businesses, government, and community to transform the approach to waste, recycling, and sustainable living.

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, but when it comes to waste, Kirsty’s all treasure. She’s in her element when talking rubbish – inspiring you to live today, like tomorrow matters.

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