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8 easy tips to stay cool this summer and keep your energy bills down too!

By December 10, 2021December 22nd, 2022No Comments
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Switch off lights and appliances you aren’t using

When you’re not using them, turn off all heat sources such as your computers and TVs, lamps, and plug-in power adapters. Anything electrical in your home ultimately turns into heat, so anything not being used should be turned off at the wall.

Household appliances left on standby or lights left on when you’re not in the room can increase the temperature inside your home more than you’d think.

With many of us still working from home with our full computer set up, you’d be surprised how they can affect the temperature of a room on hot summer days.


Close windows and blinds

Close your windows and curtains before the sun hits your home in the morning. This will keep the heat out of your home.

Open the windows and curtains again when it is cooler outside, and let the cool breeze circulate. Merri-bek can have hot days and cool nights so you can use this to your advantage.


Get the air moving

Turn the fan on first instead of the air conditioner as they cost almost nothing to run. Did you know your air conditioner has a fan only option? Standing fans are good too. When the cool change comes, place your standing fan in front of an open window to pull the cool breeze through your home. Using fans, including ceiling fans, to get the air moving is a low energy way to cool down.

Keep in mind that fans are for people, not rooms. There's no point running them when nobody is around.

Moving air, even a little, can make a big difference! Plus, it has the added benefit of saving on energy costs and consumption. Open your doors and windows to allow for free ventilation, especially at night when the temperature is cooler.


Keep your air con at 26 degrees

Setting the thermostat to just 1-degree cooler can increase your cooling bill by 15% according to Environment Victoria! When it’s boiling hot outside we may feel like we need to turn our air conditioner right down low. However, setting it to 26 degrees will still keep you comfortable and save you money.

Reduce the load on your air con

If you own an air conditioner there are ways you can help reduce the load on its energy consumption. Closing your windows and blinds, like in tip 2, helps your aircon function as effectively as possible.

Only use your aircon on the hottest days, using fans if you can instead. Remember to turn the system off when you are out.


Use the microwave

Your microwave uses less energy to cook, defrost and re-heat than a standard oven. They also create less heat in your home.

Microwaves direct most of their energy into the food, rather than the kitchen. That means you'll stay more comfortable and use less energy whilst removing cooking heat from your home.


Close doors to unused rooms and cupboards

Shut doors to unoccupied rooms as well to ensure you’re only cooling down the rooms you are in. Your wardrobes, pantry or other cupboards do not require air conditioning, so get into the habit of keeping these doors closed.

Get financial help to improve your home

There are many Government incentives to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Talk to your landlord. If you rent your home and need bigger changes to ensure it stays cool in summer talk to your landlord about the State Government rebates. Landlords are more likely to act when it's in their financial interest.

- State government rental property rebate: Rental properties are now eligible for up to $1,000 from Victorian Government to help upgrade heating & cooling systems to be more energy efficient.

- Get solar: If you own your own home in Merri-bek and live on a low income, you could be eligible for $3000 to put towards solar panels. You can use the sun’s energy to power your appliances.