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Brunswick Uniting Church

By November 17, 2020September 26th, 2022No Comments
Street frontage of Brunswick Uniting Church with a banner on the front fence with text 'climate crisis'

Brunswick Uniting Church is a Merri-bek congregation of the Uniting Church (Christian faith) with approximately 250 members. Located on Sydney Road, the congregation champions diversity, social justice and inclusion, and is open to people from all backgrounds, abilities and sexualities. The church offers regular worship services, meditation, gatherings over meals and participates in range of social actions including advocating for action on the climate crisis.

Mobilising the community, their members and walking the talk

In November 2019, Brunswick Uniting Church (BUC) adopted a resolution acknowledging the Climate Crisis and committing to becoming carbon neutral. This declaration has led to the development of an action plan that includes advocating for governments and businesses to ‘commit to restoring a safe climate’. BUC will also engage with other groups in Merri-bek to mobilise action and encourages its members to get involved in their homes and workplaces.

Phasing out gas and saving money on solar

In addition to the Climate Crisis declaration, BUC already have taken a number of other steps to reduce their carbon footprint. These include the installation of solar panels and a water tank, reducing paper and single use plastics, maintaining a community garden and encouraging members to ride or walk to services.

BUC also now purchases 100% GreenPower electricity for their site and their power company offsets their emissions from their remaining gas usage.

Whilst they are expecting there will be some significant costs with phasing out gas heating and cooking and replacing lights with more energy efficient ones, there have also been money savings from the installation of solar panels on the church building.

These actions help reduce Moreland’s carbon emissions.

Proud to be Moreland

BUC is proud to be a local Merri-bek organisation that advocates for climate action and incorporates sustainable practices into all levels of their work. Richard Arnold of BUC’s Climate Action Group says that:

“the benefits of the declaration of Climate Crisis have been to mobilise people into action and secure greater commitment to reduce carbon emissions from within the organisation and within the households of individual members”.

How can I get involved?

All are welcome to attend the BUC and join their Climate Action Group. Just press on the “Earth Button” on their website.

The BUC is also happy to share their experiences with implementing their sustainability actions with other groups. You can view videos of their progress on their website.

To get involved or find out more, you can contact Richard Arnold of BUC directly via