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Disposing of old gas appliances as you electrify your home

By June 22, 2022No Comments
old gas heater

All-electric homes contribute to a safe and healthy future for our community because they can be powered by renewable energy.

But electrifying your home isn’t something you can probably do overnight. More likely, you’ll switch your gas appliances over to electric at the end of their life.

When that time comes, this guide shows you how to safely recycle or dispose of your unwanted gas appliances.

Hard waste collection

Merri-bek Council’s hard waste collection service can pick up your old gas appliances. Scrap metal on gas appliances is recycled through these collections.

We are moving to a waste collection service where you will be able to book two collections of up to 1 cubic metre of hard waste each year. Visit our Hard Waste Collection page for more details.

Scrap metal merchants

Alternatively, you can be paid for gas appliances that include scrap metal. Contact your local scrap metal merchant to find out more and whether they offer drop-off or even pick-up service.

Dropoff at a transfer station

A transfer station or resource recovery centre is a place where you can recycle or dispose of a range of items, including gas appliances. Visit their website or call ahead before visiting to check what items they will accept, any fees that may apply, and how they dispose of or recycle items.

There are a range of council- and privately-owned transfer stations in and near Moreland. Visit our website to find out more.

If you need to dispose of items outside of the hard waste periods and can’t get it to a transfer station, you can use EcoActiv. EcoActiv can provide collection directly from your home for some items. The service may come with a fee depending on the item and its weight.

Other options

When you’re upgrading from gas to electric, ask your new electric appliance installation provider whether they can disconnect the gas appliance and take it away for recycling. Installers do provide this service, so it pays to ask.

For other items you want to dispose of, we encourage you to look for ways to donate your items before putting them in hard waste. Visit our repair, reuse, borrow and swap page for information on how to repair and reuse your unwanted goods.

You can also find a list of places that accept donations in Moreland on our Recycling A to Z page.

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