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Fawkner Food Bowls is a local volunteer group enhancing food security and community resilience in the north of Moreland.

The group was started by two local residents, Kelly and Sally, who wanted to grow food on a larger scale than their yards and foster a sociable, family-friendly environment. Fawkner Food Bowls has grown to a dedicated committee of eight locals and a growing team of volunteer supporters working through four key projects:

Urban Farm

The Urban Farm is a community market garden where locals grow organic food on a disused bowling green at Fawkner Bowling Club. The Farm sells home grown product most Sundays and hosts free weekly gardening workshops, working bees and allied organisations such as the Brunswick Tool Library, Farmer Incubator and Roving Refills.

Fawkner Commons

Born during COVID lockdown, Fawkner Commons is a food distribution project aiming to improve health and well-being by making fresh food affordable and accessible. Local partners include The Community Grocer, Der Partisan Bakery, Fawkner Wholefoods Collective, St David’s Dairy, Andre’s of Melbourne and Alberto’s Delicacies.

Fawkner Grows / Fawkner Eats

Funded by Merri-bek City Council, Fawkner Grows / Fawkner Eats aims to broaden the diversity of food grown in the Urban Farm to better reflect the local community. Through workshops, consultation, mapping and community development, it also aims to reach a broader sector of the Fawkner community.

Fawkner Primary School

Fawkner Food Bowls assists Fawkner Primary School by supporting a school gardener to run weekly family garden clubs and manage the raised beds at the school.

Getting involved

Fawkner Food Bowls is a welcoming, family friendly community with regular upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Visit the website or follow Fawkner Food Bowls on Facebook to find out what’s on.