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Green recovery essential to reaching Paris targets: new UN report

By December 16, 2020July 9th, 2021No Comments
Dozens of flagpoles with international country flags in front of a United Nations building

The UN Emissions Gap 2020 report shows that we are on track for a temperature rise of more than 3°C by the end of this century. This far beyond the 2°C upper goal and preferred 1.5°C limit set under the Paris Agreement.

This means that for our community in Merri-bek, there will be extreme changes in weather included increasingly severe heatwaves, rainfall and drought conditions.

The report demonstrates that current international efforts are not enough. The COVID-19 pandemic only saw a temporary slight decline in emissions which have since picked back up. A significant gap continues to exist and shows that the world is not on target to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

Activist Greta Thunberg recently criticised world leaders for not acting fast enough and that their promises under the Paris Agreement have been hollow.

Building back better

The report urges governments to ‘pull out all the stops to implement a green recovery’. The rebuild from the pandemic provides a chance to implement strong low-carbon policies and reduce 25% of emissions that were previously predicted for 2030.

According to the UN Environment experts, the measures that governments can take to support individuals live low-carbon lives:

  • swapping short flights with rail
  • encouraging cycling and car-sharing
  • supporting energy efficient home improvements
  • setting the default for energy to renewables
  • address food waste

Learn more about what else can be done in the video below:

Work already underway in Moreland

We recognise that we are in a climate emergency. We are actively funding programs in Merri-bek to support these recommendations. Visit our ‘Take Action’ page to learn about zero carbon programs and projects happening in our community.

We continue to advocate to our State and Federal Governments for urgent climate action through inquiries, alliances and other advocacy channels. In October 2020, we called for the Federal Government to be strong climate leaders. More and more countries are committing to net-zero emissions targets; this needs to be supported by a commitment to immediate policy action.

You can join one of the many active groups in Merri-bek that are fighting for a safe climate future and having positive impacts in our community.