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Hot water heat pumps and reverse-cycle heaters now available thru council’s Solar Savers program

By May 16, 2024No Comments
Electrician using a remote to turn on heater in a home.

Join the shift to reverse-cycle systems and electric hot water, two smart, simple and cost-effective ways to make your home greener and more comfortable to live in.

Solar Savers is now offering energy efficient reverse-cycle systems for home heating and cooling, and heat pump hot water systems!

Merri-bek has partnered with Solar Savers, a program of local councils, to help you install quality products.

Help bring your energy bills down

Heating and cooling accounts for an estimated 43% and hot water for 15% of energy spending in the average Victorian home?

Replace an older heating and cooling system with an energy efficient split system from Solar Savers and save on usage.

Replace a conventional electric or gas hot water system with a heat pump hot water system and use 60-75% less electricity.

About reverse-cycle heating and cooling systems

Our energy efficient reverse-cycle systems are built for heating and cooling.

Unlike old-fashioned ducted reverse-cycle systems (which work by heating or cooling your whole home), the systems heat or cool a specific area or room in your home.

This helps you stay comfortable, minimises energy consumption, and gives you more control over how you heat and cool your home.

About heat pump hot water systems

Heat pump hot water systems use around 60 to 75% less electricity than a conventional electric hot water system.

This is because the electricity is used to operate the heat pump and doesn’t heat the water directly with an element, but top down with a heat exchange.

This means your water heats up fast and stays hot. What’s more, they come with an in-built timer to give you more control over your system.

For homes already powered by solar, energy consumption and costs are further reduced.

Solar Savers can help you work out if you’re eligible for a $1,000 hot water pump rebate from Solar Victoria.

About Solar Savers

Solar Savers is a local government initiative working towards a brighter future for our communities.

It’s all about making it easier for you to introduce clean energy solutions to your home.

Merri-bek is a Solar Savers participant.

Find out more

Learn about how an energy efficient reverse-cycle system or electric hot water system (or both!) can make your home cleaner, greener and more comfortable today.

Register with Merri-bek’s Solar Savers program now to find out more.