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Merri-bek Sports Clubs showcased at COP26 in Glasgow

By December 6, 2021No Comments

We are excited to have our environmental work with local Merri-bek sports clubs on show at the Climate Conference of Parties (COP26) this year in Glasgow!

Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) are partners at COP virtually presented at a day-long event discussing sport and climate change, and actions to reduce sport’s environmental impact.

As a member of SEA, our ‘Eliminating single-use plastic in sports clubs‘ and ‘Glencairn Tennis Club‘ case studies will be displayed over 13 days at COP26, inspiring people to start tackling ocean pollution in the sport industry!

Sports clubs being plastic wise

We developed a Plastic Wise Policy (DOC 87Kb) in April 2019. Its aim is to transition Council facilities, services and events away from single-use plastic, and to promote alternatives.

Sports clubs within Merri-bek need to transition to the Policy by June 2022, eliminating targeted single-use plastic items. Initially clubs are being asked to make a voluntary pledge to become ‘Proudly Plastic Wise’. This means clubs will reduce and eliminate targeted single-use plastic items where possible. Council will work with clubs to develop action plans to start reducing plastic.

Already 60% of sports clubs are developing action plans to phase out single-use plastics.

More information

Learn more about our plastic-wise policy and how it relates to sports clubs.