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New Merri-bek Zero Carbon Development Guidelines released

By October 4, 2021October 8th, 2021No Comments

Do you want to make difference to your built environment?

We are excited to release our Merri-bek Zero Carbon Development Guidelines.

We are proud to be supporting new development to incorporate Solar PV systems, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and enhance their urban greening design response through the urban planning process.

Supporting Zero Carbon Developments

We developed the guidelines to assist the Merri-bek development community with the implementation of design practices that support Council’s zero carbon development expectations.

The Merri-bek Zero Carbon Development Guidelines also encourage the adoption of the metrics established from the Solar PV and Electric Vehcile Readiness technical studies.

To support development interests and to facilitate an ease of transition, we have provided the guidelines to assist new developments to familiarise with, and recognise, future changes to the development industry.

More information

Go to the Zero Carbon Planning page for more information and to download the guidelines.