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Play the Adaptation Game at home

By March 21, 2024April 3rd, 2024No Comments
People around a table playing a board game.

Coming soon. We are currently developing The Adaptation Game so you can play it at home, in your street or your apartment block.

The Adaptation Game (TAG) is a board game  for Merri bek residents to connect and help prepare our community to be more resilient for climate change.

TAG is based on real science about how climate change will affect Merri-bek.

You get to play out real world ways to prepare and protect your home, family, community, and environment. TAG will help you connect what you enjoy, and what you are good at, with what needs doing.

Everyone counts. No act is too small, no idea is too big.

TAG is a cooperative game where all the players work together, so you don’t have to be “good at games”.

To be played with four people.

Watch the video to be inspired