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Reducing food waste and creating community

By November 11, 2021November 15th, 2021No Comments

Merri-bek Council partnered with the Jesuit Social Services Ecological Justice Hub during 2020 and 2021 on the The Our Waste Series.

Given the issue of waste is connected to so many aspects of our lives the discussion series looked at tacking waste through grassroots activism, starting in the places we live, building networks and taking community action, demonstrating that this is where real change is happening and helping people see how they can make a difference.

An equitable and sustainable food system

The serious vulnerabilities, wastefulness and inequities of the food supply exposed by COVID was also explored as an opportunity to transform the production and distribution of food and re-imagine a more equitable and sustainable food system.

At the last panel in the series held over a year into the COVID crisis we explored how innovative community-led action has been successfully tackling food waste and access issues at a systems level.

“I think a significant outcome [of the forum] is that sense of connection with others working for food security, waste reduction and development of community as we do it.”

Three practical Zero Waste cooking on a budget workshops demonstrated how low carbon plant-based cooking can be nutritious, delicious, waste free and save money!

“I waste a lot of food and can be smarter/more resourceful. There are a lot of tasty things we can do with skins, leaves, cores and peels.”

The series has supported a collaborative network of community organisations working at the front lines of food security and food waste.

Join the Merri-bek Local Food System Network

Merri-bek Council wished to acknowledge and thank the Ecological Justice Hub and the many other participating organisations for their valuable contributions.

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Food security in Moreland

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