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Take Part in Plastic Free July

By July 1, 2021July 20th, 2021No Comments

Join hundreds of other Merri-bek residents and business taking part in the Plastic Free July challenge.

If this is the first time you have taken part watch the video

You can sign up to the Merri-bek Plastic Free Pledge.

There are also useful tips and next steps on the Plastic Free July website.

Council supporting Plastic Wise in our community

As well as working with our community, we also support vendors at our festivals, sports clubs, community venues and Council facilities  reducing single-use plastics as part of implementing our Plastic Wise Policy.

We also have a trial to reduce single-use plastic at 29 cafes and food businesses, so why not try and support those places while we’re all reducing plastic. For a list of places on Sydney Road Brunswick and Coburg see here.

COVID Safe Plastic Wise

If you’re concerned about reusables and COVID-19, we completely understand. However, the State Government’s DHHS site informs cafes that ‘yes, businesses can accept reusable cups’. The site also includes great information about ‘contactless pours’ and ‘swap and go’ packaging. View the ‘Operation’ section of the guide Hospitality — food and beverage services sector guidance | Coronavirus Victoria,

While not all cafes are ready to embrace reusables, if your local isn’t there yet, if you’re comfortable you could try having a conversation with them to find out why. Plastic Free July has also come up with this great guide , which covers everything you need to know to reduce plastic safely during the pandemic.

Happy Plastic Free July all, and thanks for doing your bit.