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Twenty-two projects and a growing network for climate action

By October 18, 2021No Comments

Twenty-two projects and a growing network for climate action in Melbourne’s north. That is the outcome of the Community Skills for Climate Action program that wrapped-up in September.

Merri-bek joined with Yarra and Darebin Council to run the program for 75 people. Over 10 sessions, people learnt new skills, knowledge and the opportunity to work together on climate action projects.

Proud and Inspired

For many participants the program has inspired them and given them the tools to take action on local projects.

“Completely moving, inspiring, mind-opening, and direction-changing.”

“The program has greatly supported me in clarifying my pathway within the climate action movement, within the local community, as well as provided tools to transform ideas into actions.”

The diverse range of projects participants are working on include:

  • A media and communications support hub for climate groups.
  • ‘Big Local Climate Art Expo’ showcasing local artists’ responses to the climate emergency.
  • Widening climate conversations through food gatherings.
  • Climate change and community health organisations.

Diversity is strength

A main aim of the program is to broaden the people and groups involved in climate action. To discuss why and how guest speakers included:

  • Yin Paradies Professor and Chair in Race Relations at Deakin University
  • Neha Madhok, Democracy in Colour
  • Thuy Nguyen, Sydney Allinace/Voices for Power
  • Wendy Farmer, Voices for the Valley.

The guest speakers had a great impact on participants:

“Diversity is strength. We need all voices and particularly those most harmed, we need to hear their voices and act on their insights.”

“I no longer fear not knowing enough, the groups I have heard about are inclusive and enthusiastic and are keen to share their knowledge and engage with more people.”

A bright future

We look forward to the amazing group of people to take climate action across the three councils.

“Thank you endlessly for providing this profoundly generous and generative program. I’m very grateful, this has been a career defining experience for me. My deepest thanks.”