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5 steps to all-electric households

By May 17, 2022No Comments
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Moving your home to all-electric is a significant contribution each of us can make to a bright, energy future. And it doesn’t have to be all at once.

Plan what you can afford, when, and take some time to prep so that when appliances, like hot water, come to the end of their life, you’re ready to make the switch on your terms.

For renters, there is government support available to make the switch to solar and other things you can do to join the transition.

  1. Install solar or switch to Greenpower

Solar is a great way to reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions. Rebates of up to $1400 from the Victorian Government and a further $3000 from Merri-bek are available for eligible residents through our Solar Savers program.

But you don’t need solar on your roof to be part of Australia’s clean energy transition. You can switch to Greenpower, and if you’re renting, solar rebates are available for rental properties, too.

  1. Switch to reverse-cycle air conditioning for heating

Heating is the biggest source of household energy use in Merri-bek so investing in energy efficient heating makes a lot of sense.

Reverse-cycle air conditioning is most the cost-effective and energy-efficient way to heat your home, and if it’s powered by solar or Greenpower, it’s running on clean, renewable energy. Click here for our Air-conditioning (and heaters) Buyers Guide.

  1. Replace old gas hot water with heat pump system

Hot water heating accounts for over a quarter of average household energy costs so it pays to pinpoint your ideal system before your hot water fails and you end up investing in an inferior system under pressure.

Hot water heat pumps and high-performance solar systems are the best water heating options for improving environmental outcomes and saving on bills. The Solar Hot Water program provides eligible Victorian households with a rebate of up to $1,000 to help you upgrade from gas hot water to a heat pump or solar hot water system.

Merri-bek offers free over-the-phone energy consultations so you can book a session today to help you plan ahead.

  1. Upgrade to induction cooking

Induction cooktops are becoming popular for good reason. They’re safer, incredibly responsive, and save energy by cooking faster and losing less heat in the process. Choose induction when replacing your gas or electric stovetop.

Choice has a great article to help you research the best stovetop for your needs.

  1. Move to electric transport

Riding, walking or catching public transport helps reduce air pollution, improves health, and helps transition our community towards an all-electric future. But when these options aren’t suitable, we can still choose solutions that move us away from fossil fuels wherever possible.

Electric bikes, scooters and cars powered by renewable energy are all low emission options. Merri-bek has free charging stations for electric cars so you can charge your car for free, and say goodbye to petrol costs forever!

Learn more about Travel Smart options.