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Climate Action Moreland

By April 27, 2022No Comments
John Englart holding sign at student climate strike

John Englart is an indefatigable climate action leader and long-term Merri-bek resident.

Convenor of community group Climate Action Merri-bek, John oversees the volunteer group’s advocacy work and many activities including its 800-strong Facebook group.

Self publishing on climate and the need for action since 2004, John received the Merri-bek Award for Environmental Sustainability in 2019, encouraging each of us to step up and take action in his acceptance speech.

Improving life in Merri-bek, and beyond

The group typically has several campaigns underway at any one time from local issues that affect us daily, to broader concerns. Advocacy is underway to increase shading and reduce large expanses of heat-retaining asphalt in Moreland’s carparks to supporting the global call to phase out mercury in fluorescent lighting. Advocating against synthetic grass in Merri-bek is another campaign, run in tandem with groups such as Sweltering Cities.

Helping us to choose our representatives

Another core activity of the group is comparing candidate and party policy on climate, energy, environment and sustainability for local, state and federal elections.

There’s a place for you

Climate Action Merri-bek attends local festivals (Sydney Road, Fawkner, Glenroy), meets monthly online, and works in concert with other volunteer groups to provide community and an outlet for Merri-bek residents wanting to take climate action. John invites everyone to get involved.

Read more about Climate Action Merri-bek here.