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Friends of Merri Creek

By November 17, 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments
A group of people sit amongst grasses and shrubbery while weeding

Restoring and revegetating the Merri Creek

Friends of Merri Creek (FoMC) is a volunteer environmental conservation and revegetation group. They have been fighting for the protection and restoration of the Merri Creek, its tributaries and parklands since 1988. The Merri Creek runs for approximately 70 kms, bordering Fawkner, Coburg North, Coburg and Brunswick East in Moreland. The Merri Creek has been cared for by indigenous custodians for thousands of years and there are many creek sites of importance to the Wurundjeri people.

Creating habitats and building community

FoMC coordinates and hosts activities such as plantings of indigenous grasses, shrubs and trees, weeding, litter blitzes, water quality testing, bird and local fauna surveys, walking tours, Aboriginal spiritual healing walks, community education and campaigns against major threats to the creek.

The activities of the group provide numerous benefits for the community. Planting activities re-establish habitat for birds and animals, improves amenity for locals and visitors and stores carbon in the plants and the soil, which helps reduce the community’s overall carbon emissions.

Volunteers also learn more about the waterway, its ecosystem and the species of flora and fauna that call the area home. All these activities also provide opportunities for the community to come together, allowing people to meet their neighbours and make new friends.

How can I help?

Take part in an upcoming planting day or litter pick up. All are welcome including kids! There are bird survey events and water testing days throughout the year too.

Interested in helping ‘backstage’? There are also opportunities to provide administrative support on campaigns, advocacy and helping with the newsletter.

Check out the Friends of Merri Creek website where you’ll find all the latest information on upcoming events and volunteering opportunities.