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Merri-bek Bicycle User Group

By December 1, 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments
Moreland Bicycle User members holding a small whiteboard where they have written that they would like safer biking streets

The Merri-bek Bicycle User Group (Merri-bek BUG) is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers who love getting around by bike and wish to share this enjoyment. For over 30 years the group has been advocating to make riding in and around Merri-bek safer, thus ensuring that everyone can use riding as a sustainable transport option.

Discover Merri-bek by bike!

Merri-bek BUG coordinates regular rides that are free and open to anyone in the community who wants to discover the bike paths and secret connections of Moreland.

Rides are tailored to the people who turn up, the weather and what’s on. BUG rides are social experience; a great way for people to get to the know the area, each other and build their confidence riding in and around Moreland.

Bike buddies

Merri-bek Bike Buddies was started in May 2020 when the Covid-19 restrictions meant that the group were no longer able to run regular bike rides nor attend local community events.

Word spread that many new riders were starting to use their bicycles during lockdown and many people were asking for advice, particularly on bike routes in Merri-bek, via social media. Merri-bek BUG stepped in and started the Merri-bek Bike Buddies Facebook group where ‘newbie’ riders could ask for advice on the best route to get to a specific destination, where to find help fixing their bike or other advice from experienced local riders.

Through Bike Buddies, people have benefited from the sense of community, as riders of all levels share knowledge and advice.

New riders have been empowered to feel more confident using their bicycle to get around and experienced riders have been able to have a sense of social connection during lockdown.

Zero emission transport

It’s important that everyone has the opportunity to ride a bike safely. To this end Merri-bek BUG is continues to liaise with local and state government authorities to advocate for on-road and off-road safe bicycles facilities in the City of Moreland.

The more people who feel safe riding and jump on a bike translates to more cars off the road and therefore less congestion, better air quality and less dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

Riding benefits our health, our communities and our planet!

Next rides

Joining a ride is free and open to anyone. Join the Merri-bek BUG discussion list or check the calendar for details of next rides.